Sliding Pop Hole Doors

Open sliding pop hole doorWhat are Pop Holes?

A pop hole is the entrance / exit between the sleeping area and run. 

What are Sliding Pop Hole Doors?

As the name suggests, they are doors that cover the pop hole in the kennel.  There are two runners which the door sits and a latch so you can secure the door open.  Please note that the pictures shown are for our taller kennels and the aluminium runners are vertical - if you are buying a short kennel (a Croft or Ashton, for example) the runners will be horizontal.

Why Would I Want One?

The main use are to make sure the dogs stays in either the sleeping area or the kennel for example, you may want to clean the run and don't want to have your dogs helping you and getting dirty in the process.  You'd make sure the dog is in the kennel and put the door down until you've finished.

How Do I Order One?

On the product pages, on the right are the options - choose the sliding door and it will be added to your order.