Coroline Roofing Material

coroline sheet image

What is Coroline?

Coroline is a tough, lightweight, attractive and long lasting corrugated
roofing material which is made from bitumen saturated organic fibres.

It is easy to cut, tough, waterproof and kind to the environment whilst
having excellent heat insulation and sound absorbency properties.

Ideal for use in animal houses due to being non-toxic and resistant to
animal waste, Coroline is a 'green' roofing option.

As you can see from the image, the Coroline we use is black.  We use
black pins to secure the sheets.

Why use Coroline?

The felt we use is top quality but is restricted by its very nature -
after a certain amount of time you will have to think about replacing
it.  Coroline, however, has a much longer lifespan - the manufacturers
guarantee it to be waterproof for 15 years!

How do I order Coroline roofing?

When looking at the kennel you're interested in, you can choose to add
Coroline to your order by choosing the option on the side - it will show
you the cost at the same time.