Frithville Pod


SIZE SHOWN -  8ft x 4ft  (this is our smallest version, we can make any size, ring to specify)

The Concept

Being an engineer by background, and the owner of the company I wanted to design a kennel that was even more practical for the dog and owner alike. Most UK kennels that are made using galvanised bar panels are supplied at 6ft tall so the kennel is 6ft high also. The only use of having a 6ft kennel is that the average person can walk inside without the need for bending over to clean out the sleeping area. As a dog owner myself I don't find the need to go into the sleeping area that often, as my dogs like most keep the sleeping area clean. That said I had to keep in mind that some may want to go into the kennel more often. However, whether you agree or disagree with this, no dog is 6ft tall, so other than the odd visit to check everything is OK there is a lot of space that is wasted and not only that, losing heat as you will not keep a 6ft kennel warm without additional heating.

The Solution

We designed a kennel that is fully insulated (not just the walls like our competition) that being the walls, floor and ceiling, and remember ours is twice as warm in the first place! (see below Insulation spec) We made the ceiling height high enough for an average dog and made it cosier for them. You'll be surprised what a reduced height has with heat retention. 

We then added a full PVC lining to keep the walls and ceiling wash easy for you.

We also added wash clean flooring,

We raised the floor height above the pop hole door bar (how annoying is this when your trying to clean out the sleeping area and that piece of timber is in the way?)

We added anti chew strips and a sliding pop hole cover, and one that locks closed or open!

In the upper part of the sleeping area, we designed a shelf, that lifts up to also give full access to the sleeping area. The shelf top is made out of the same wash clean material as the kennel floor, we added a handle for ease and a bolt to lock the lid down. You can now store you food or leads within the compartment!

*In the outer door we added a window as now it is a shed effectively.

In the now much warmer kennel we added a *closable air vent in case your pet gets too warm, and we positioned it where you can actually reach it when the pod lid is open.

We also added a handle to the sliding pop hole so you could close your pet in or out of the kennel whilst you clean.

For affect we decided on making a full door on the outside of the kennel to make it look traditional but when you open the door, instead of seeing a ply sheet that forms the pod, we lined with the same material as the outer kennel to give an outstanding overall appearance whether you have the door open or closed.

Our Insulation Spec

We make most of our kennels with insulation. We are probably the only UK manufacturer who uses Xtratherm Rigid Insulation boards which has a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mk. All other manufacturers use Polystyrene which in comparison has half of the heat retaining values. Not only this, ours has a silver moisture resistant front and back which means any water ingress through the shiplap (which happens no matter what you use) runs off the insulation instead of absorbing through it and then passing through to the inside walls of the kennel.

The Standard Specification

  • The kennel in the picture has a 3' kennel and 5' run. (approx)  - All sizes available on request
  • The timber is Scandinavian fifth -  pressure treated red wood which will ensure a long life. This is ex-16mm, Redwood Shiplap Cladding. (you can upgrade to ex-19mm if you wish)
  • Access door to pod and storage area on the front of the kennel
  • Access hatch to pod within kennel
  • Washable kennel floor and pod lid
  • Fully insulated and PVC lined sleeping area
  • Access door to run on the front which is part of the heavy duty galvanised panel
  • Each kennel door Has 2 Padbolts and 3 hinges
  • 1.84m (6ft) high galvanised metal panels
  • ex 47mm x 47mm Framing (2 x 2)
  • Full Roof  (solid timber boards) including Facias
  • Heavy Duty Roofing Felt (felt quality is measured by weight, ours is 2.5kg per 1m2) 

*Please note that there may be images showing options that have a fee associated with them.  Please call for details.

Prices from: £845.00

Available Options

* Size:

* Erection Fee:

* Coroline roofing?:

* Raft Base:

* Sliding door over pop hole?:

Total: £845.00

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