Mobile Field Shelter - 12ft x 12ft - Raffs


12FT x 12FT (plus overhang)

  • Built from Scandinavian 5th Redwood  - Long Life Pressure Treated
  • 7' Opening as Standard (call to specify)
  • Professionally made roof truss system (look at other sellers roof systems to compare!)
  • 47mm x 75mm Framework
  • Pressure Treated timber for Long Life (non toxic) 
  • 19mm Redwood Shiplap Cladding - beware of thinner timbers and worst of all feather edge boards, your horse will break this in no time.
  • Coroline Roofing Sheets - 15 year guarantee
  • Our roof has an approx. 1100mm Overhang to give some additional shelter for you and your horse.


Competitors are cutting the quality to make the buildings cheaper and will compromise not only the quality for price but it will directly affect how long your building will last, examples are as followed;

We use pressure treated 19mm thick tongue and grooved shiplap. Cheaper variations will use either 13mm or 16mm shiplap or worse than that fencing feather edge boards that are not tongue and grooved at all! Ever seen how fencing goes after a while, holes drop out of the knots and the timbers are that thin they warp and become 'gappy'? Not only that but who's timbers would withstand a kick or a knock?

We use 50mm x 75mm framing. A building built in smaller timbers is not recommended nor half as strong. It's your choice obviously but it won't last!

Roof Members
We build high spec roof trusses, similar to that on your house (obviously not as big). We believe the strength in the roof is as important as the walls. The better the entire building ties together relates to the structural stability of the entire building. We do not build 2 trusses and span timbers from one side to the other! We also brace our entire roof, we haven't seen any other company selling on eBay who does this!

We use Coroline roofing sheets and are a distributor and as such offer the 15 year Coroline warranty. Why would you want to felt the roof and have to re-do it 3 years later? False economy at its best! We also use the correct Coroline verge trims not bend the sheet over at the ends. We use a minimum of 30 fixings per sheet, not 10!

The question is, which do you put more priority on, saving a few hundred pounds and facing repairs a lot sooner, or pay for a quality product?

Bespoke Requirements
We are designers and manufacturers, so please contact us with any bespoke requirements, we don't use jigs to build, we don't need to. Thanks for viewing...


  • 100mm x 75mm Skids with towing eyes - Included.


Please Note: Sizes can be altered to your requirements.

Prices from: £2,150.00
Total: £2,150.00

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